I. FCPA Overview

A. Importance of anti-corruption compliance

B. Elements of the FCPA (15 U.S.C. §78dd-1, et seq.)

1.   Anti-Bribery Provision

a.     Corruptly;

b.     Offering, promising, authorizing, or paying;

c.     Anything of value;

d.    To any foreign official;

e.     To obtain or retain business, or to secure any other improper business advantage.

2.   Internal Controls and Books & Records Provision

a.     The FCPA requires that publicly traded companies “make and keep books, records, and accounts, which, in reasonable detail, accurately and fairly reflect the transactions and dispositions of the assets of the issuer.”

C. How the Government finds out about FCPA violations

D. Excuses that don’t work

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