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When Your Growing International Distribution Relationship Goes South: The International Arbitration Journey From Contracting Through The Hearing

By 2019 Seminars, International D&F Relationship Issues, Litigation, Arbitration, and Other Forms of ADR, Seminars, Training Modules

I. Overview A. If you are growing your international distribution presence, then you likely will be subject to international arbitration provisions in your contract 1. International arbitration provides for a…

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Strengthening the Links In Your Company’s Global Supply Chain

By 2018 Seminars, Automotive, Changing the Relationship, Ending the Relationship, Energy/Fuel, Establishing the Relationship, Food & Beverage, Industry, International D&F Relationship Issues, Manufacturing, Seminars, Training Modules, Warranty and Product Liability

I. What is a Supply Chain? a. Description of basic components – 1. R&D/product development 2. Supplier selection and approval 3. Procurement process 4. Manufacturing 5. Logistics 6. Meeting consumer…

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